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As your company IT systems play a major role in your business it is essential that they are secure. Highly confidential information, personal records and financial transactions are all part and parcel of the data held within your IT systems so there can be disastrous consequences if data is stolen, leaked or tampered with. The majority of companies that fall victim to cyber crime or other malicious activity have not been specifically targeted but are discovered by opportunistic hackers that use freely available tools to take advantage of common weaknesses in the security of the victim’s IT systems; many of these types of attacks can be prevented by applying a few simple measures. At Black Spider Consulting we offer advice and assistance in defending against such threats, ensuring that you can provide the best protection for your business.

Security Technology

Solution design and implementation of security technology solutions including SIEM


To apply appropriate risk treatments which can be measured and monitored over time


Our Security Architecture services can assist in the selection of frameworks.

Services for SMEs

Opportunistic attackers do not differentiate between large and small companies when identifying a vulnerable target, however they are more likely to be successful when launching an attack against a small business.


The Cyber Essentials scheme (CES) has been developed by HM Government…